EH_BREWER just had Cherries Aged Like Grace (2022) a The 2022 vintage of Cherries Aged Like Grace rested our aged saison on whole Montmorency sour cherries from Cherry Lane for three months, until fermented to complete dryness. In this vintage, the fruit was left to hang longer on the trees for a greater expression of the complex perfume of Ontario Montmorency cherries.

The 2022 vintage, available in keg only, was made from a blend of three barrels of our saison brewed with buckwheat, coriander and grains of paradise. After resting in oak for 17 months, the 2022 Cherries Aged Like Grace displays fresh cherry, with lime zest and floral hay that is characteristic of our cellar culture From Barrel Heart Brewing & Blending @ Barton Salumeria & Charcuterie –